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Music Hall 3
9036 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
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Music Hall 3
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THE INVISIBLE FRONT Q&A's this Weekend at the Music Hall

Winner of the Audience Award at the international film festival “Kino Pavasaris” in Vilnius 2014, THE INVISIBLE FRONT is the story of one of the 20th centuries most significant anti-Soviet resistance movements, told through the words and experiences of Juozas Luksa and his fellow Forest Brothers. Their war was completely unknown to the public in the West. The Soviet Security forces, fighting against them, dubbed the conflict “The Invisible Front.” THE INVISIBLE FRONT filmmakers Vincas Sruoginis, Jonas Ohman, and Mark Johnston will participate in Q&A's after the 7 PM screenings at the Music Hall on Friday and Saturday, November 21 and 2 [...]
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GLEN CAMPBELL...I'LL BE ME Q&A Tonight at the Music Hall

In 2011, music legend Glen Campbell set out on an unprecedented tour across America. He thought it would last five weeks. Instead it went for 151 spectacular sold-out shows over a triumphant year and a half. What made this tour extraordinary was that Glen had recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. He was told to hang up his guitar and prepare for the inevitable. Instead, Glen and his wife went public with his diagnosis and announced that he and his family would set out on a "Goodbye Tour.” GLEN CAMPBELL...I'LL BE ME director James Keach, producer Trevor Albert, executive producer Susan Lord Disney and CEO of Alzheimer's Associat [...]
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AS NIGHT COMES Q&A Saturday at the Music Hall with Cast and Crew

          In the new thriller AS NIGHT COMES, troubled 17-year-old Sean Holloway falls in with a group of teenage outcasts called 'The Misfits,' whose charismatic leader, Ricky, takes him under his wing. But as Sean becomes more and more entangled in the gang's anarchist ways, things begin to spiral out of control, and Sean realizes Ricky is a ticking time bomb on a rampage of revenge. On the eve of Halloween, as night comes, everything explodes… AS NIGHT COMES producer/co-writer/director Richard Zelniker, co-producer/actor Jesse Kove and cast members Luke Baines (playing Ricky), Myko Oliver (playing [...]
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KURMANJAN DATKA QUEEN OF THE MOUNTAINS is a historical epic about a strong-willed and courageous woman who sacrificed everything to save her nation from total destruction when the Russian imperial forces conquered the Central Asian country in the 1870s. The most expensive film ever made in Kyrgyzstan, the movie is filled with passion, intrigue, bloody battle scenes, spectacular landscapes and lavish costumes. KURMANJAN DATKA QUEEN OF THE MOUNTAINS director Sadyk Sher-Niyaz and star Elina Abai Kyzy (who portrays the young Kurmanjan) will participate in Q&A's at the Music Hall after the 7 PM screenings on Friday and Saturday, November 21 [...]
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THE PLAYBACK SINGER Q&A's at the Music Hall

THE PLAYBACK SINGER tells the story of an aimless, would-be jungle-gym architect who finds his existence disrupted – and his marriage upended – when his prickly, Indian, B-movie playback singer father-in-law comes to visit and overstays his welcome. An original feature written by director Suju Vijayan, THE PLAYBACK SINGER is an award-winning family drama liberally spiked with comedy, which gets to the heart of relationships and the challenges of finding our place in this world. THE PLAYBACK SINGER writer-director Suju Vijayan and producer Mike Blum will participate in Q&A's after the 7:30 PM screenings and introduce the 9:55 PM screeni [...]
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